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Growth & Education
Our commitment is to teach you how to be a better business person in all aspects.
Our comprehensive and on-going training programs are hands-on and interactive. Your own personal program will be tailored to fit your current skills and expertise, and will include front-of-house, back-of-house, and leadership training. We regularly promote from within, offering you job satisfaction and career growth. Depending on what you want to be and where you want to go, we guarantee that you will learn all aspects of running a successful business and enhance your abilities to drive your own career goals.  
We do this by offering access to the best in the business:
• Product-Centric: Exposure to variety of product, ever changing menus ​

• Leading concepts in the seafood industry with cutting-edge designs 

​• Financial and Business Acumen: Understanding all aspects of running business from basic P&L to understanding R&M 

​• Career Pathing: Ability to drive your own future   

​• Community Involvement: Getting connected with the community you serve ​

• Human Resources and Leadership Skills: Giving you the tools to be the best
Hourly Crewmember Training:
All our crewmember training is thorough and dedicated to teach you all you need to know about “how we do things around here,” and to become an ambassador of our product. You'll have both classroom and one-on-one training, specific to your workgroup, and led by our trainers and managers. You'll experience our food and service as a Guest and learn the details of how we strive to exceed our Guests' expectations each visit.
Supervisor Training:
If you have a desire to be a leader within our company, you can get involved in our supervisor program. Your training program will be determined based upon your experiences and willingness to learn. You'll graduate the program with the skill set to successfully run our shifts, support the management team on a day-to-day basis, interact with guests, ensure the flow of the operations is up to standards, and participate in special projects. Our goal of 60% internal management promotions drives the commitment and dedication of this program.
Manager In Training Program:
When you become a manager with us you are considered an MIT (Manager In Training).  Our MIT program consists of a three month training program that breaks down all aspects of operations. The program is hands-on and interactive.   

It begins with your immersion in our ongoing crewmember training programs.  By the end of your first month, you'll be ready to lead every Workgroup and you'll recognize the importance of hospitality in our culture. In month two, you'll rotate through various back-of-house stations, developing the skills and knowledge necessary to operate each area: Dish, Grill, Fry, Sautée, Prep, Pantry, and Oyster bar. 

This is where your product knowledge will peak and will include a two day tour at King's Seafood Distribution to help you understand their role in sourcing, portioning, and ensuring the fresh delivery of pristine seafood to each of the our restaurants. To round out your MIT training you'll spend the last month covering all leadership, administrative and financial management functions of the operations. This will include bookkeeping, banking procedures, cash handling, opening and closing procedures, interviewing and hiring, and techniques for leading and motivating your crewmembers.    

Once graduated, you'll have full responsibility to make a positive impact on your crew, Guests, and your own career on a day to day basis.
Senior Manager Program:
If you are achievement-driven and have a desire to keep learning, this is the positon for you. The Senior Manager position is a developmental step between Manager and General Manager or Kitchen Manager/Sous Chef and Executive Kitchen Manager/Executive Chef. The position is reserved for top performing Managers and Kitchen Managers who seek to develop their career to the next appropriate level.   

As the Senior Manager, you will be the go-to person when the General Manager is not in the building. You will be overseeing the front of house programs and tracking measurable results, diving into the financials and troubleshooting with the General Manager, and committed to developing all crewmembers throughout the restaurant.
Assistant General Manager Program:
To continue our commitment to defining specific advancement levels that can guide you on the path from Manager to General Manager, and to crystalize the selection pool for GM opportunities, we've created the AGM (Assistant General Manager) Program. This program provides a stronger leadership presence and operational skill set in a key kitchen position. Do you want to become a General Manager with us?  This is your path! 

As the AGM, you'll be responsible for maintaining our kitchen “Core Concept” on a daily basis, monitoring and upholding all food standards in quality, presentation, preparation, storage, rotation and sanitation, and teaching and holding all crewmembers accountable for their job expectations and standards.   

We'll always look to our AGM’s for any advancement and promotion first.  Although timing is difficult to predict, an AGM can anticipate a promotion opportunity to the General Manager position within a two year timeframe.
Education Reimbursement:
We also understand that there are aspects of your position that will need outside resources to help. So we have developed an education reimbursement program to support your goals for betterment.  

Some great examples of this use: 

• Sommelier Courses ​

• Spanish/English language Courses 

​• Cooking/Culinary Courses ​

• Accounting Courses

• Computer Courses